Academy developing innovative new approach to mathematics

The Academy, in collaboration with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, is developing a bold new program for teaching mathematics in Australian schools.

Mathematics by Inquiry aims to spark students’ enthusiasm for maths, engaging them with the study of mathematics both for its own sake and as a fundamental basis for understanding science and technology. It will develop classroom materials with a problem formulation approach to mathematics, with resources for every year of school, from foundation to Year 10. Curriculum resources will be reviewed by Fellows of the Academy.

Dr Steve Thornton, Executive Director of Mathematics by Inquiry

With the guidance of an expert committee chaired by Professor Cheryl Praeger FAA, Mathematics by Inquiry will be headed by Dr Steve Thornton, a well-known and respected member of the mathematics education community in Australia and internationally. Steve has taught for over 20 years in South Australia in both the government and private sectors, and has lectured in mathematics education in universities for 15 years. He is a former president of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, and a member of the problems committee of the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians conducted by the Australian Mathematics Trust. In 2008 he was awarded a BH Neumann Award for excellence in mathematics education in Australia.

Three directors will report to Dr Thornton:

  • Emeritus Professor Kaye Stacey—Director, Classroom Resources. Emeritus Professor Stacey was Foundation Professor at the University of Melbourne from 1992 until early retirement in 2012, and for much of that time Head of Department of Science and Mathematics Education. She will work offsite from Victoria.
  • Professor Peter Sullivan—Director, Professional Resources. Peter is currently Professor of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at Monash University. He will retire at the end of 2105 and has been awarded the title of Emeritus Professor. He will work offsite from Victoria.
  • Will Morony—Director, Communications and Dissemination. Will Morony is Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers. He will operate from their office in Adelaide.

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