Academy represented at Seoul science forum

The Academy was invited by the Korean Academy of Science and Technology to participate in the 2015 ‘Inter-academy Seoul science forum’ (IASSF) on 11–12 November 2015. The IASSF is an annual forum that brings together representatives from academies from around the world to discuss topical scientific issues. It also serves as an academic symposium on areas of basic research. 

Professor Michael Barber FAA represented the Academy at the IASSF and participated in the Inter-Academy Roundtable Discussion under the theme ‘Global cooperation in science and technology’. In his roundtable remarks Professor Barber mentioned the Australian Government’s science and research priorities and the importance of international collaboration. He also discussed the Australian Council of Learned Academies’ report ‘Smart engagement with Asia: leveraging language, research and culture’ which made several significant, evidence-based findings to guide and strengthen Australia’s international engagement.  

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