Fellows in the news

Left to right: Catherine Livingstone, Helene Marsh, David Craik, Marilyn Anderson

Graham Farquhar and Graeme Jameson won awards in this year’s Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science for their pioneering work in plant science and chemical engineering.

Scott Sloan, George Paxinos and Victor Flambaum also won NSW Premier’s Prizes for Science and Engineering.

Gus Nossal was among a number of high-profile Australians leading a national campaign for the Medical Research Future Fund.

The US Defence Force is funding a ‘blue-sky’ project to treat post-traumatic stress syndrome led by John Furness.

John Bowman said the discovery of water on Mars could indicate that the planet has microbes similar to those found in Antarctica.

Fellow Catherine Livingstone appeared in the Australian Financial Review’s 2015 list of Australia’s most powerful people.

As a Victorian Male Champion of Change, Doug Hilton was recently interviewed by the Herald Sun.

Helene Marsh was on hand to comment when it was announced that the Australian humpback whale would be removed from the threatened species list after a recent bounceback in numbers.

Terry Hughes, along with other scientists, is setting up a new taskforce to study a predicted coral bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef.

The Saturday Paper sat down with Brian Schmidt to see what makes the incoming ANU Vice-Chancellor tick.

Peter Visscher was part of a research team at the Queensland Brain Institute to discover almost 1,500 genes associated with ageing.

David Craik and Marilyn Anderson were awarded the $1 million Ramaciotti Biomedical Research Award to help with their research genetically modifying plants to produce drugs to treat everything from HIV to cancer.

David James, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Denmark, helped map the changes to human muscles during exercise. This could lead to a drug that mimics the beneficial changes caused by exercise. 

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