Honours and awards to Fellows

Left to right: Graham Farquhar, Graeme Jameson, Scott Sloan

Prime Minister’s Prize for Science 2015

Professor Graham Farquhar AO FAA FRS—for his research which has led to more durable, water-efficient crops and his discovery that wind and evaporation rates are slowing around the world.

Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation 2015

Professor Graeme Jameson AO FAA FTSE—for his invention of the Jameson Cell, a froth flotation technique used to concentrate ore bodies and metallurgical coal that has added billions of dollars to the value of Australia’s mining and energy industries.

NSW Scientist of the Year 2015

Professor Scott Sloan FAA FRS FTSE—for his pioneering methods to predict the collapse states of geostructures such as roads and buildings, allowing engineers to design cheaper and safer civil infrastructure around the globe.

NSW Premier’s Prize for Excellence in Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Physics 2015

Professor Victor Flambaum FAA

NSW Premier’s Prize for Excellence in Medical Biological Sciences 2015

Scientia Professor George Paxinos AO FAA

2015 Ramaciotti Biomedical Research Award

Professor Marilyn Anderson FAA FTSE and Professor David Craik FAA—for their work using plants as ‘biofactors’ for producing next-generation pharmaceuticals.

Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

Professor Michelle Simmons FAA FTSE—elected as a Fellow for her leadership and groundbreaking research program in the development of atomic-scale electronics.

Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor Scott Sloan FAA FRS FTSE—elected as an International Fellow for his work on the prediction of the load capacity of geostructures, such as tunnels, dams and foundations.

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