Brain box scientists demystify epigenetics and metamaterials

I guess I was blessed with a natural curiosity … all science is fascinating to me—Cath Suter

Epigeneticist Associate Professor Cath Suter and physicist Professor Yuri Kivshar FAA are the latest scientists to be interviewed for the Academy’s Brain Box series.

Associate Professor Suter studies the layer of information that sits on top of our genes, called epigenes. This information can switch our genetic code on or off and have major implications for disease.  

Professor Kivshar is an expert in ‘metamaterials’, which can achieve effects previously only imagined in science fiction, including bending light and creating invisibility cloaking.

Find out how they got started in their science careers, what they love about their jobs, and what they’d be if they weren’t scientists.

Cath Suter

Yuri Kivshar

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