Chemistry decadal plan launched

Left to right: Aidan Byrne, Paul Mulvaney and Andrew Holmes launching the chemistry decadal plan

Improving chemistry research and education will be vital in supporting future industries, according to a new plan for the future of chemistry in Australia launched in February. 

Chemistry for a better life—the decadal plan for Australian chemistry 2016–25 was developed by the Australian Academy of Science’s National Committee for Chemistry. It envisages improved links between chemistry researchers and industry, as well as better quality school and tertiary chemistry education in Australia. It also outlines strategic goals for chemistry, including improving teacher expertise, strengthening links between industry and the chemistry research community, and creating a positive image for chemistry.

The plan was launched in Melbourne by ARC CEO Professor Aidan Byrne, Chair of the National Committee for Chemistry Professor Paul Mulvaney FAA, and Academy President Professor Andrew Holmes AM PresAA FRS FTSE.

More than 60 representatives of the chemistry research sector and chemicals industry attended the launch, and the plan was positively received, generating broad media coverage.

The plan is the first step in advancing Australia’s most important, value-adding manufacturing sector. The pathway presented in this decadal plan is the result of extensive and detailed consultation with the chemistry community. It proposes solutions that can help Australia to reach its potential as a world class international manufacturing hub, effectively contributing to Australia’s prosperity. 

More detail about all completed decadal plans is available on the Academy’s website. If you would like to know more about plans currently in development, please contact the Academy.

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