Geomaterials conference supports cross-disciplinary research

An Elizabeth and Frederick White research conference has contributed to cross-disciplinary understandings of geomaterials.

The Conference on Mining Data for Detection and Prediction of Failure in Geomaterials, held at the University of Melbourne last year, brought together mathematicians and geologists to look into the key relationships between the structure, dynamics and functions of geomaterials.

The conference aimed to advance fundamental research and practical solutions for some big challenges, including: energy resource extraction and processing; rational design for a sustainable built environment; and the early prediction and risk mitigation of geological failure for large-scale applications, such as landslides.

The cross-disciplinary gathering discussed and shared state-of-the-art in measurements and data, looking particularly at what structure at the microscale can tell us about functionality at the macroscale.

Attendees included former chief scientist to the Australian Government, Academy Fellow Professor Robin Batterham AO FAA FTSE, early- and mid-career researchers, and international delegates.

The conference was the tenth in the Elizabeth and Frederick White series, established by the Academy with the generous support of the late Lady White and the late Academy Fellow Sir Frederick White KBE FAA FRS. The conferences cover topics in the physical and mathematical sciences related to the solid Earth, the terrestrial oceans, the Earth’s atmosphere, solar-terrestrial science, space sciences and astronomy. If you are interested in holding a conference, see the Elizabeth and Frederick White research conference funding page

Delegates at the Conference on Mining Data for Detection and Prediction of Failure in Geomaterials

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