Comprehensive teaching resources at Science by Doing website

A comprehensive set of teaching and learning resources for early high-school teachers to implement the national science curriculum is now available through the Academy’s Science by Doing website.

Science by Doing, the Academy’s online high-school science program, has recently released a Year 8 geology unit, ‘Rock your world’. This completes the full suite of Year 7 to 10 units which can be accessed for free by registering at the Science by Doing website.

‘Rock your world’ enables students to interact with a huge rock and mineral rock collection, using a variety of animations and characters to demonstrate the formation of different rock types. It is presented with the strong and appealing visuals that are a characteristic of all Science by Doing units.

The rate of registration for teachers and students on the website continues to grow at a rapid rate, with almost a thousand registrations a day early in the 2016 school year.

The full suite of Year 7 to 10 units can be accessed for free through the Science by Doing website

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