Changes to the Academy Council

(from left) New Secretary Physical Sciences, Professor Jim Williams; new Council members Professor Sam Berkovic (biological sciences) and physical scientists Professor Elaine Sadler, Professor Scott Sloan and Dr Steve Rintoul

Retiring members of the Academy’s Council were honoured and new members appointed at the Australian Academy of Science’s Annual General Meeting in May.

Leading physicist and academic Professor C Jagadish AC FAA FTSE retired as the Academy’s Secretary Physical Sciences and Vice President; materials scientist Professor Jim Williams AM FAA FTSE stepped into the role. Other retiring Council members were ordinary members in the physical sciences, Professor Brian Schmidt AC FAA FRS Nobel Laureate, Professor Bob Vincent FAA, and ordinary member in the biological sciences, Professor Peter Koopman FAA. Replacing them will be Professor Sam Berkovic AC FAA FRS (biological sciences), and physical scientists Professor Elaine Sadler FAA, Professor Scott Sloan FAA FRS FTSE and Dr Steve Rintoul FAA. Academy President Professor Andrew Holmes AM PresAA FRS FTSE welcomed the new members and thanked those retiring for their service to the Academy. 

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