EMCR Forum activities

The EMCR Forum is the national voice of Australia’s early- and mid-career researchers. The Executive Committee recently met face to face for their annual meeting and worked together to produce a strategic plan for the next five years.

Over the past few months the Committee met with the CEO of the NHMRC, Professor Anne Kelso, and the CEO of the ARC, Aidan Byrne, to discuss concerns about EMCR success rates in grant rounds. The EMCR Forum has also provided an EMCR perspective into the NHMRC’s Structural Review.

The EMCR Forum is planning its next conference, Science Pathways 2016, which will be held in Sydney on 26-27 September. The topic is ‘Future Leaders’ to get EMCRs thinking about their personal leadership style and how they can develop themselves to inspire others.

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