One year on: the re-imagination of Nova

New topics Batteries of the future Gut bacteria: the inside story Seeing the future: the bionic eye The robots among us: automated labour Quirks of evolution Total recall? The making of memories Gene editing with CRISPR The Goldilocks planet: why Earth is our oasis

The end of June will mark one year since the Academy relaunched Nova, the popular science explainer website. The new site has received very positive feedback from scientists, science communicators, students, teachers, and all manner of curious minds.

By the end of the month Nova will have 70 diverse topics online, with recent topics including gene editing with CRISPR, quirks of evolution, why Earth is our oasis, and the making of memories. These expert-reviewed topics are supplemented with infographics, interactive diagrams, videos and moreā€”Nova is aimed to be of interest to anyone who is curious to learn something new.

If you haven't already seen the website, be sure to visit You can also browse by infographic or browse by video.

Nova also recently published its first original short videos: waste in space and the weird sex chromosomes of the platypus. So far, they've both had thousands of views on Facebook. Watch out for new videos soon.

The Academy thanks all the expert reviewers who have helped to create and review content for Nova. We can't wait to share what's coming soon.

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