Academy encourages alumni to join Japan Society for the Promotion of Science association

The response so far to the call to join the JSPS Alumni Association of Australia has been strong. Photo: inu-photo, flickr

All former and current recipients of fellowships and awards from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) are invited to join the newly formed Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Alumni Association in Australia.

JSPS, in association with the Academy, has been an outstandingly generous source of support for bilateral training and collaborative research activities between Australia and Japan, with hundreds of Australian scientists benefiting from this relationship since 1977.

JSPS has invited the Academy to create a JSPS Alumni Association in Australia (JSPSAAA). The purpose of the association is to engage Australian scientists with past, current or possible future collaborative links with Japan to enhance the strong bilateral science and research relationship between the two countries. The association will:

  • maintain and expand the international network of JSPS Alumni Associations
  • promote awareness of the opportunities and benefits of scientific collaboration with Japan
  • promote Australia as a priority partner for Japan in scientific research and development
  • identify and address issues of common concern between the Japanese and Australian scientific communities
  • promote exchange of information between Australian scientists with links to Japan
  • provide guidance for prospective and new JSPS Fellows.

Joining the association provides an opportunity to demonstrate the ongoing value of the JSPS Fellowship scheme; help drive policy and practice in scientific endeavours relevant to both countries; and share information relating to funding and research opportunities involving Japan and Australia. Membership of the JSPS Alumni Association in Australia is free.

Join the JSPS Alumni Association in Australia

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