Celebrating Australian science: past present future

Registrations are now open for Science at the Shine Dome 2014, featuring admission of new Fellows, the prestigious honorific career and early career awards, and the annual symposium.

As this year is the Academy’s 60th anniversary, the selected symposium topic is Celebrating Australian science: past present future, featuring outstanding speakers from a broad array of disciplines.

Nobel Laureates Professor Peter Doherty AC FAA FRS and Professor Brian Schmidt AC FAA FRS will explore ‘Biomedical research: a success story’ and ‘Physical science and astronomy’ respectively, while Professor John Dewey FAA FRS will speak about the future of Earth sciences.

The Academy’s Secretary Education and Public Awareness, Professor Jenny Graves AO FAA will talk about ‘Australian life science in the age of genomics’; Professor John White CMG FAA FRS about chemistry and materials science; Professor Steve Simpson FAA will present on ‘Land, food and agriculture’; Professor Mike Raupach FAA FTSE about ‘The past, present and future of Australian environmental science’; and Professor Michelle Simmons FAA will discuss ‘The quantum revolution: computing past present and future’.

The Academy’s annual dinner will be held in the capital’s new National Arboretum, with Academy medal presentations and a keynote address by long-time ABC Science broadcaster Professor Robyn Williams FAA.

Registrations close 30 April.

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