Interviews with Australian Scientists

Bob Crompton with his 1959 Wolseley, and at the Academy

An interview with Professor Robert (Bob) Crompton AM FAA, in conversation with Professor Erich Weigold AM FAA FTSE, was recently posted on the Academy's website.

Crompton's early interests in building electric gramophones, clocks and motors to power his toys helped to develop his early interests in science. After reaching top of the school in physics and securing a coveted cadetship at The University of Adelaide, Crompton went on to become a world renowned researcher in the world of electron swarm physics.

In his interview Crompton describes the struggles of conducting research in postwar conditions, building and maintaining laboratory equipment and much-loved motor cars, and determining the energy cross sections of electrons in hydrogen isotopes - results which still serve as benchmark measurements today.

The full transcript and teachers notes are on the Interviews with Australian Scientists pages, and the full interview can be seen on the Academy’s YouTube channel.

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