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EMCR Forum committee 2014 (L‒R): Andrew Siebel, Krystal Evans, Sharath Sriram, Nikola Bowden, Andreas Fouras, Raelene Endersby, Les Field, Kate Hoy, Oliver Jones, Rachel Popelka-Filcoff and Maggie Hardy.

In January the Academy welcomed three new members of the Early- and Mid-career Researcher Forum committee. Selected out of 45 excellent candidates who applied in December, the new members are Dr Nikola Bowden, Associate Professor Andreas Fouras and Dr Rachel Popelka-Filcoff.

Dr Maggie Evans-Galea, founding chair of the committee, and Drs Giampiero Iaffaldano, Darren Saunders and James Tickner stepped down and were warmly congratulated for their outstanding work with the Forum in the past three years. Congratulations also went to the incoming committee chair Dr Krystal Evans and the two new deputy chairs Dr Andrew Siebel and Dr Sharath Sriram.

The new committee held its first meeting in February. Everyone came away from the day feeling enthused about the plan of work for 2014, including continuing work on equity and diversity in science, better definition of the Forum’s identity, and outreach, events and workshops for Australian early- and mid-career researchers.



EMCR Forum members

Dr Krystal Evans (Chair)

Division of Infection and Immunity, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Dr Andrew Siebel (Deputy Chair)

Baker IDI, Heart and Diabetes Institute

Dr Sharath Sriram (Deputy Chair)

Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University

Dr Nikola Bowden

School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, The University of Newcastle

Dr Raelene Endersby

Division of Leukaemia and Cancer Research, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research

Associate Professor Andreas Fouras

Division of Biological Engineering, Monash University

Dr Margaret Hardy

Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland

Dr Kate Hoy

Psychiatric Neurotechnology, Monash University

Dr Oliver Jones

School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University

Dr Rachel Popelka-Filcoff

School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Flinders University

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