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Following the 2013 launch of The Enlightening campaign to raise capital for science education, outreach and advocacy, the Academy has continued to work towards securing its future and independence as a leading voice for science and scientific excellence in Australia and beyond. The appointment of Bea Brickhill as Philanthropy Manager has brought the direction of the campaign in-house at the Academy, with consulting firm Xponential Philanthropy still providing strategic advice and support.

The support of the Fellowship as Ambassadors for the Academy is invaluable in this campaign. The Academy is now moving into the next stages of building and developing strong relationships with corporates, individuals and foundations, and Fellows have been very generous with their time and resources.

The Academy wishes to thank the following people who have made donations in the past three months for their generous support:

Science Circle

  • Professor James Angus AO FAA
  • Professor Terence Paul Speed FAA FRS and Freda Elizabeth Speed
  • Two anonymous donors

Academy Supporters

  • Ms Bea Brickhill
  • Dr Elizabeth Dennis FAA FTSE
  • gemaker Pty Ltd
  • Professor Min Gu FAA FTSE
  • Professor Yuri Kivshar FAA
  • Professor David de Kretser AC FAA FTSE
  • Professor Donald Simpson
  • Professor Tam Sridhar FAA FTSE
  • Professor John Swan AO FAA FTSE
  • Professor John Zillman AO FAA FTSE
  • Two anonymous donors

Australian Futures Science Fund

  • Dr Marshall Hatch AM FAA FRS

For more information about The Enlightening campaign or the Academy’s Bequest program please contact Ms Bea Brickhill, Philanthropy Manager,; 02 6201 9471; or visit Support Us

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