Science communicators gather to improve engagement

International delegates contributed to a timeline of significant events in science communication over the last 60 years

Science communicators from more than 50 nations came together in Brazil in May to share research and best practice in engaging the public with science.

The 13th International public communication of science and technology conference, attended by the Academy’s Director Communications and Outreach Kylie Walker, focused on science communication for political engagement and social inclusion.

Studies presented at the conference included a German finding that communicating scientific uncertainty does not harm public trust in science and a US study that found social media works well for engaging people with science.

Dr Suzette Searle of the Australian National University’s National Centre for Public Awareness of Science released findings that Australians are highly engaged with science. More than 80% of respondents to a survey conducted by Dr Searle had recently watched, listened to or read something to do with science, and half indicated they would like to know more about science and technology.

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