Academies discuss policy contributions in China

Chennupati Jagadish (left) with the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chunli Bai, at the opening of the 17th General Assembly of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Academy efforts to provide advice on government policy and explain the science behind complex questions of public importance were the focus of attention at a high profile event in Beijing in June.

Academy Vice President and Secretary Physical Sciences, Professor Chennupati Jagadish FAA FTSE, was one of seven international speakers at the 17th General Assembly of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Invited by CAS President Professor Chunli Bai FAA, the speakers delivered plenary talks on how their academies provide science policy advice to their governments and the broader community.  

In his talk, ‘Strategic Studies and Advice to Government and Society’, Professor Jagadish spoke about the Academy’s two popular question and answer booklets on climate change science and immunisation, and the wide range of advice on direction setting for the various disciplines generated by its 22 National Committees for Science. He also covered the Academy’s contributions to promoting international research collaboration through its relationships of inter-academy bodies and the international scientific unions.  

The event was attended by the highest levels of the Chinese Government, with an important speech given by the President of China Jinping Xi on the direction of China's science, technology and innovation. The Premier of China Keqiang Li also participated in the conference.

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