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2015 public speaker series: Science fiction becomes science fact

The work of scientists has long been fuelled by the imagination of writers: lasers, robots, rocket ships and atomic power were all described in fiction long before they became a reality. Today, the frontiers of science continue to be inspired by ideas that were first explored in science fiction.

The Academy’s 2015 public speaker series, ‘Science fiction becomes science fact’, has been convened by Professor Bryan Gaensler FAA and will feature Australian scientists whose work is so incredible you’ll be surprised it actually exists.

The series begins with Associate Professor James Curran, who will speak about current work in artificial intelligence on 3 February 2015 at the Shine Dome, Canberra.

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Frontiers of Science conference: The Edge of Astronomy

Since 2003, the Academy has hosted a biennial Australian Frontiers of Science symposium which brings together the very best young Australian scientists to discuss emerging technologies, new opportunities and exciting cutting-edge advances in their fields.

This year’s symposium on 2–4 December 2014 at the Academy focused on astronomy and in particular what basic research in this field means to the Australian economy, technology and science engagement.

Theory meets practice: Master Class in science engagement and policy making

This one-day master class at the Academy on 5 December helped participants to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of science communication and policy-making. In each session, a leading scholar paired with a successful science communication practitioner working at the front line of science engagement to discuss practical approaches, research and future directions.

Science Stars of Tomorrow: on astronomy and autism

The Academy’s ‘Science Stars of Tomorrow’ public speaker series continued in September with Associate Professor Vipul Bansal on emerging applications of organic semiconductors, and in November with a talk from Dr Peter Enticott on his early clinical success with a new treatment for autism.

The last talk of the year on 2 December was a fitting close to the 2014 theme. Dr Lisa Harvey Smith talked about one of the biggest and most ambitious global scientific projects ever conceived, the square kilometre array.

Cities in Future Earth: third Australian Earth System Outlook Conference

The Cities in Future Earth conference is gathering together leading thinkers to examine the environmental, economic and social issues surrounding urbanisation.

8–9 December 2014, Shine Dome, Canberra.

CUBEnet, crossing the boundaries: Transdisciplinary approaches in biosciences education for the 21st century

The Academy will host the annual forum of the Collaborative Universities Biomedical Education Network (or CUBEnet) on 11–12 December.

CUBEnet aims to bring biomedical tertiary educators together to discuss and promote biomedical education. This year’s forum will focus on transdisciplinary collaborations.

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