Thank you for your support

The Academy thanks the following people and organisations who have generously supported our fundraising campaigns over the past four months.

Academy Pillars

  • Dr Margaret Middleton
  • Telstra

Academy Supporters

  • Professor Michael Alpers
  • Professor James Angus
  • The Dahl Trust
  • Dr Liz Dennis
  • Professor Joe Gani
  • Professor Ian Gust
  • Professor Pauline Ladiges
  • Professor Ian McDougall
  • Professor Bruce McKellar
  • Dr Oliver Mayo
  • The University of Melbourne Department of Microbiology
  • Sir Rupert Myers
  • Professor John Newton
  • Professor Jim Pittard

For more information about giving to the Academy through a donation or bequest, please contact:

Ms Kylie Walker
Director Communications and Outreach
Phone: 02 6201 9427

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