Academy contributes to new international partnership

Looking skywards to the tops of tall city buildings
The IAP recently held network meetings in Beijing. Photo: Yolanda Sun, Unsplash

The Academy is making signficant contributions to a newly established organisation that has brought major global science and health networks closer together.

This year, the world academies of science and medicine—IAP, the global network of science academies; the InterAcademy Council (IAC); and the InterAcademy Medical Panel (IAMP)—established a single umbrella organisation called the InterAcademy Partnership. This will give them greater impact on global issues of common interest. The networks were renamed IAP for Science, IAP for Research and IAP for Health. 

Active with the previous academies, the Academy is now a Board member of the IAP for Research and a member of the Executive Committee of the IAP for Science.

The Academy’s Director of International Programs and Awards, Ms Nancy Pritchard, attended IAP network meetings in Beijing in September. The meetings discussed the transition of the IAP for Research secretariat from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences to the US National Academy of Sciences in 2017; fundraising and development matters; and current projects on improving scientific input into policy for the sustainable development goals, and harnessing science, engineering and medicine for Africa.  Professor Michael Barber FAA FTSE and Dr TJ Higgins AO FAA FTSE respectively serve on the committees overseeing the latter two projects. 

An IAP for Health statement, A call for action to improve reproducibility of biomedical research, and possible topics of future statements were discussed. Four regional groupings of academies are also members of the IAP and each provided an update on their activities and projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.  

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