December issue of Historical Records of Australian Science now online

The December issue of the Academy’s journal, Historical Records of Australian Science (Volume 27 Number 2 2016), is now online.

Papers in this issue include 'Glimpses of the Past from Portable Wooden Mineral Cases​' and 'Elemental Micro-analysis of Organic Compounds: the Australian Experience'. Memoirs for Robert Bilger, Lloyd Evans, Charles Hurst, Donald Metcalf, Alan Reid and Robert Street are published, along with an interesting book review section and supplementary material. 

Fellows can access the online journal for free by logging in to the Fellows’ section of the Academy website​. 

Public access to articles is available on a paid basis, and printed copies can be ordered through CSIRO Publishing.

Biographical memoirs in the journal are published on the Academy's website in due course, where they are available to the public at no cost.

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