Leadership skills under the spotlight at Science Pathways

Dr Michael Crichton and Associate Professor Sharath Sriram, Co-Convenors of Future Leaders

The EMCR Forum—the national voice of Australia’s early- and mid-career researchers—held its national meeting, Science Pathways 2016: Future leaders, in Sydney in September.

The event brought together EMCRs and scientific leaders from academia, industry and government to explore what leadership in science means, and how to develop skills to become an effective leader.

The discussion and enthusiasm for driving change, and having a group voice. It is exciting to think how this group may be able to drive change within the scientific community. Meeting so many people in the same career stage as me, facing the same challenges, makes you feel less alone. And just the real sense of excitement and energy about the whole thing. 
– Science Pathways 2016 delegate

The event was a great success, receiving positive feedback from participants and speakers. The event also increased awareness of the EMCR Forum with 83% of participants now intending to join the Forum. The full report on the event will be available soon on the Academy’s website.

Supporters of Science Pathways 2016

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