Fellows awarded NHMRC funding to improve health and combat disease

December 20, 2018
Professor Bostjan Kobe, Professor Melissa Little, Professor David Bowtell and Professor Susan Clark are among 16 Academy Fellows to receive funding from the NHMRC.

The Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, recently announced that 16 Academy Fellows have been awarded funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council. A total of 682 grants will be funded.

The Academy Fellows awarded funds are:

Professor David Bowtell, University of Melbourne
Molecular and spatial characterisation of drug resistance in human ovarian cancer (Project Grant)

Professor Susan Clark, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Unravelling the cancer epigenome: mechanisms to translation (Research Fellowship)

Professor David Craik, University of Queensland
Developing Factor XIIa inhibitors as new leads for preventing thrombosis (Project Grant)

Professor Jozef Gecz, University of Adelaide
1. Genetics and biology of neurodevelopmental disability (Research Fellowship)
2. TREX nuclear mRNA export and healthy development (Project Grant)

Professor John Gooding, University of NSW
Building better ex vivo 3D cancer models with 3D printing (Project Grant)

Professor Bob Graham, University of NSW
Elucidating the genetics and biology of spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD): a life-threatening heart disease of women (Project Grant)

Professor Bill Heath, University of Melbourne
Immunity to intracellular infections (Research Fellowship)

Professor Bostjan Kobe, University of Queensland
Molecular basis and inhibition of TIR-domain function in Toll-like receptor and neuronal cell-death pathways (Project Grant)

Professor Sharad Kumar, University of South Australia
1. Deciphering the mechanisms of caspase-2-mediated suppression of aneuploidy and tumourigenesis (Project Grant)
2. Ubiquitination-regulated sodium homeostasis in kidney disease (Project Grant)

Professor Geoffrey Lindeman, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Centre for Translational Breast Cancer Research (TransBCR): delivering laboratory discoveries to the clinic (Centre of Research Excellence)

Professor Melissa Little, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Towards renal replacement tissue from pluripotent stem cells (Project Grant)

Professor Geoffrey McFadden, University of Melbourne
Can we build a genetic trap for drug resistant malaria parasites? (Project Grant)

Professor Patrick McGorry, University of Melbourne
Transdiagnostic models of classification, intervention and neurobiological research (Research Fellowship)

Professor Stephen Nutt, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
1. Understanding the regulation of humoral immunity (Research Fellowship)
2. Understanding plasma cell diversity (Project Grant)

Professor Robert Parton, University of Queensland
Structural and functional analysis of plasma membrane microdomains in health and disease (Research Fellowship)

Professor Linda Richards, University of Queensland
Role of spontaneous activity in the formation of functional cortical circuits in vivo (Project Grant)

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