Fellows update—December 2018

December 20, 2018

Honours and awards to Fellows

Professor Geordie Williamson FAA FRS—2018 Australian Mathematical Society Medal

Donate blood: a gift that’s truly special (and doesn’t cost anything)

Academy staff are starting a new tradition.

This year, we’re joining the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s Biggest Secret Santa and giving a gift that’s truly special: a blood donation. Australia needs around 100,000 donations in December, but with many regular donors away or busy, more people need to give the gift of blood. Blood donations are particularly important for cancer patients, people with serious immune conditions, and women giving birth.

Academy staff have made 40 donations so far this year, 14 whole blood and 24 plasma donations, which have collectively saved 120 lives.

Anyone can donate blood or plasma in the name of the Academy, just let the friendly staff at the Red Cross Blood Service know when you check in for your next appointment.

Interested in learning a little more about plasma and where it goes when you donate it? Check out our article on Plasma: The liquid gold in your veins.

Left: Academy staff members Lisa Crocker and Elena Hull donating plasma in the lead-up to Christmas. Right: Hayley Teasdale, from the University of Canberra and recent participant in Falling Walls Lab Berlin, receiving a plasma product for immune deficiency.

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