Primary Connections teacher workshops

December 20, 2018
Participants at ‘Primary Connections in a STEM Context’, Melbourne.

The Primary Connections professional learning team wrapped up its final workshops of 2018 by providing three hands-on, inquiry-based science courses for 92 teachers in new South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.

To support best practice in professional learning, a discount was offered for additional participants from each school that was taken up by 32 teachers representing 24 schools. This provided an opportunity for teachers to attend in pairs and groups, encouraging collaboration and a whole-school approach to science teaching.

Participants were inspired by the enthusiasm of Primary Connections’ state-based presenters, Nicola Dziadkiewicz and Jennifer Lawrence in NSW, Linda Townend and Helen Addison in WA, and Angela Gigliotti and Sue Mason in Victoria.

As one participant said, ‘This is the second PC workshop I have attended this year and I can't recommend them highly enough. Today the energy and enthusiasm, let alone the sheer amount of knowledge from our presenters, made the day zip past and sent me home bursting with enthusiasm and ideas. Thank you for an excellent session.’

The Primary Connections team is delighted to have had the opportunity to deliver these high-quality professional learning workshops to support hands-on science teaching and learning in government, independent and catholic schools in Australia. More to come in 2019!

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