Opportunities for scientists—December 2020

December 17, 2020

External opportunity

Indigenous Media Mentoring Program

Indigenous STEM researchers from around Australia can register their interest in joining the Australian Science Media Centre at the SBS studios in Sydney for intensive media training on 8 and 9 April 2021.

More information on the Indigenous Media Mentoring Program

Expressions of interest close 21 December 2020

External awards

Order of Australia Honours

Nominations received from the public to recognise people who have contributed above and beyond to the Australian community or humanity at large. To encourage diverse representation of the community, nominations of women are being sought.

More information on the Order of Australia Honours

Rolling deadline—appointments in the Order of Australia are announced on Australia Day and on the Queen’s Birthday public holiday in June.

Mahathir Science Award

Awarded to an individual or group in recognition of contributions and innovations towards solving problems in the tropics through Science, Technology, and Innovation. The call for nominations is now open for the Tropical Agriculture and Tropical Architecture and Engineering categories—US$100,000

Applications close 30 December 2020

More information on the Mahathir Science Award

Volvo Environment Prize

Awarded for outstanding scientific discoveries or innovations within the area of environment and sustainability —SEK$1.5 million (approximately A$237,000)

More information on the Volvo Environment Prize

Applications close 10 January 2021

Lefoulon-Delalande Grand Prize

Awarded to scientists who have made a significant scientific contribution in physiology, biology or cardiovascular medicine—€600,000

More information on the Lefoulon-Delalande Grand Prize

Applications close 11 January 2021

A.M. Turing Award

Technical award given for major contributions of a technical nature to the computing community—US$1 million

More information on the A.M Turing Award

Applications close 15 January 2021

AOGS Axford Medal

Awards outstanding achievements in geosciences and unselfish cooperation and leadership in Asia and Oceania.

More information on the AOGS Axford Medal

Applications close 19 January 2021

Welch Award in Chemistry

Awards important chemical research contributions which have had a significant positive influence on mankind—US$500,000

More information on the Welch Award in Chemistry

Applications close 29 January 2021

WISE Prize for Education

Recognises an individual or a team for an outstanding, world-class contribution to education—US$500,000

More information on the WISE Prize for Education

Applications close 1 February 2021

The Royal Society Awards

Nominations for the Royal Society's medals and awards to recognise and celebrate excellence in science open on 30 November 2020.

More information on the Royal Society's medals and awards

Applications close 15 February 2021

See more external awards and prizes

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