Conference explores sensitivity of Antarctic ice sheet to marine climate change

February 15, 2018
Australian and international experts shared knowledge on the Antarctic ice sheet at the 2017–18 Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference in Hobart

Changes to the Antarctic ice sheet was the focus of a conference that brought together 30 experts last November in Hobart.

The 2017–18 Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference ‘The sensitivity of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to marine climate change: perspectives from the past’ explored how the Antarctic ice sheet has responded to episodes of climate warming and abrupt climate changes in the past, and what this can tell us about potential future changes.

Local and international scientists studying the Antarctic ice sheet and the surrounding ocean from modelling and observational perspectives discussed the current state of knowledge, with the conference providing a framework for connecting research expertise and fields.

The main outcome of the event will be a review article on present and past changes in the Antarctic ice sheet, concentrating on the processes and feedbacks between the ocean, cryosphere, solid earth, and sea level. The review article has been invited for submission to ‘Reviews of Geophysics’.

The Academy’s Elizabeth and Frederick White research Conference Award provides up to $10,000 for research conferences in the physical and mathematical sciences related to the solid Earth, the terrestrial oceans, Earth's atmosphere, solar–terrestrial science, space sciences and astronomy. The 2018–19 conference is ‘Gas–solid reactions in earth sciences and astronomy’, and the call for applications to hold the 2019–20 conference will open this month.

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