Exciting prizes announced for scienceXart: spot the maths

July 29, 2020

Exciting educational and inspirational prizes for this year’s scienceXart: spot the maths competition have been announced. ‘scienceXart’ is a competition that combines science and art, hosted by the Academy’s National Committee for Mathematical Sciences.

Prizes will be awarded for the winning photographers and their classes, with a special prize for photos that feature statistics. The prizes have been curated by the Academy’s maths education experts and are supported by the Australian Mathematical Society and the Statistical Society of Australia.

Prizes include:

Foundation to Year 3Cubetto

Cubetto are robots for early learning that encourage students to solve problems and engage with technology through code without the need for reading comprehension. The bright colours and storytelling potential make every play session with Cubetto a unique and memorable adventure.

Year 4 to Year 6Micro:bits

Micro:bits are tiny computers that come packed with accessories. Through block coding or Python, students can program their Micro:Bit to do a variety of tasks including make a pet, or create a game or even a weather station. Micro:bits inspire young people to be creative and innovative as they code and design whatever they desire!

Year 7 to Year 9CoDrone

The CoDrone with added Camera (FPV) Kit is a programmable drone that requires assembly. Students will gain skills in assembling, programming and flying a drone, providing opportunities to learn while doing and apply their knowledge of design, technology and geospatial coordination.

Year 10 to Year 123D Printer

With a 3D-printer, students combine their knowledge of maths and art in an innovative and creative way through both physical and digital prototyping and fabrication. Students will gain skills in 3D modelling, design, user considerations and scaling while being able to create a physical prototype.

The second prize for all categories will be a $100 prize pack of engaging and fun learning resources.

The winner of the entry featuring statistics will receive a prize pack for their class curated by the Statistical Society of Australia. This pack will include engaging learning resources that seek to combine statistics and art.

Be creative, spot the maths that is all around you. Take a photo of the maths you see in your life. Photos can be set up in advance, but you might also spot some maths on your way to school or around your house.


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Statistical Society of Australia National Schools Poster Competition

The Statistical Society of Australia is also supporting another competition for school students. The SSA National Schools Poster Competition is a fun, project-based learning activity which encourages primary and secondary school students to develop, implement and creatively report on an investigation on any topic of interest to them, with the opportunity to win great prizes.

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