Fellows update—July 2020

July 30, 2020

Honours and awards to Fellows

Four Academy Fellows are among the 2020 Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Laureate Fellows. The ARC Fellowship scheme funds world-class endeavours in both basic and applied research and supports the appointment of early-career researchers. The Fellowships have been awarded to the research leaders for the following projects in priority areas of national interest:

Professor Martina Stenzel FAA will develop a toolset that allows the design of small nanoparticles that display enhanced biological activity for applications in nanomedicine, catalysis and sensors.

Professor Toby Walsh FAA will work on building fairer, more efficient and trustworthy AI systems to improve the competitiveness of Australian businesses and the delivery of health services.

Professor David James FAA will dissect how genes interact with the environment to better understand the ageing process and lay the foundation for personalised health strategies.

Professor Harvey Millar FAA will study processes and genes that regulate degradation of proteins in wheat and barley plants to benefit Australia’s grain industries. Professor Millar was elected a Fellow of the Academy this year.

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