Latest issue of Historical Records of Australian Science now online

The June issue of the Academy’s journal, Historical Records of Australian Science (Volume 28 Number 1 2017), is now online.

Papers in this issue cover projects of Professor RW Home, CSIRO funding, Joseph Maiden and Eucalyptus taxonomy, the Proctor-Parkes incident, and changing ideas on the Australian environment (co-authored by Dr Max Day). Memoirs for Professor Ian Ritchie and Professor John Swan are published, along with book reviews, supplementary material and a bibliography of the history of Australian science. 

Fellows can access the online journal for free by logging in to the Fellows’ section of the Academy website​. 

Public access to articles is available on a paid basis, and printed copies can be ordered through CSIRO Publishing.

Biographical memoirs in the journal are published on the Academy's website  in due course, where they are available to the public at no cost.

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