Success of Science by Doing due to expert contributors

June 25, 2018
Man with reading glasses sitting at a table and writing, focused on what he's doing
Dr Jim Woolnough has been the Education Specialist for Science by Doing since 2013.

The Academy’s long-running and widely used education program for high school science, Science by Doing, owes its success to the many expert contributors to the program.

One of those contributors is Dr Jim Woolnough, the program’s Education Specialist since 2013. He wrote the physics curriculum units Energy, Big Systems, and Motion and Energy Transfer, and has helped revise most of the units to improve their operability and learning effectiveness. Dr Woolnough’s broad curriculum knowledge and extensive teaching experience have been invaluable to the broad adoption of resources across Australia.

And the figures speak for themselves. 50,000 new registrations were received for Science by Doing in 2017, an increase of 45% over 2016. The total number of registrations is now 180,000. Two in every three high school science teachers are registered for the program.

In 2017, users of Science by Doing downloaded an average of 9 terabytes (9 billion kilobytes) of curriculum resources each month. It’s estimated that using Science by Doing resources results in a 50 per cent increase in student group work, cooperative learning and student investigation.

I think the resources and the whole Science by Doing program is quite literally the best resource available for interactive and meaningful science teaching. I wanted to thank you and your team for designing everything in this magnificent set of curriculum activities.

Maths and science teacher, Queensland

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