Students encouraged to get creative for maths-themed photo competition

June 29, 2020

Get your cameras ready and be prepared to join the Academy in ‘spotting the maths’ for the upcoming scienceXart (science and art) competition.

The mathematics-themed photographic competition for school students is being held in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the International Mathematical Union.

‘scienceXart: spot the maths’ is hosted by the Academy’s National Committee for Mathematical Sciences, with support from the Academy’s mathematics school education program, reSolve. The competition is sponsored by the Statistical Society of Australia with a special prize for entries that feature statistics.

Submissions will be open during Term 3 2020 (28 June – 25 September). The competition will have four entry categories, spanning all school levels.

Please sign up to the mailing list for up-to-date information on the competition. A selection of prizes for winning entries in the four school categories will be announced soon.

Be creative, spot the maths that is all around you. Take a photo of the maths you see in your life. Photos can be set up in advance, but you might also spot some maths on your way to school or around your house.


The Statistical Society of Australia is also supporting another competition for school students. The SSA National Schools Poster Competition is a fun, project-based learning activity which encourages primary and secondary school students to develop, implement and creatively report on an investigation on any topic of interest. Find out more about this competition on the information page.


Find your creativity in scienceXart: spot the maths

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