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April 03, 2020

The Academy recently published the second issue of its Science Policy and Diplomacy Newsletter, which highlights important science policy discussions and events in Australia and around the globe. It reports on the involvement of science in national and international policy and diplomacy, and the Academy’s contributions to these discussions.

The big challenges and opportunities for nations around the world in the 21st century—economic, environmental, scientific and social—are inherently global in nature, and science has a critical role to play in helping to understand and respond to challenges and to realise opportunities.

The newsletter also highlights the ongoing work of the Academy’s National Committees for Science and the science policy team, both of whom regularly provide feedback to government consultations. National Committees have recently made submissions on the Australian agricultural sector growth target, the inquiry into prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia, and proposals to the reform of the government’s data sharing and release legislation.

The newsletter is aimed at people working in areas of STEM and policy with an interest in science, technology and emerging research to inform discussion and assist evidence-based policy development and decision-making. It is also for those who engage in soft power activities through their national and global science networks.

The Science Policy and Diplomacy Newsletter is produced three times per year.

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