STEM Women reaches 3000 member milestone

March 31, 2021
The Academy encourages all women working in STEM fields to create a profile at

Online network reaches milestone of 3000 members

Fiza Mughal was the 3000th member of STEM Women.

Since the Academy launched the online directory STEM Women in 2019, the network has seen more than 3000 members from around Australia sign up, representing a vast array of expertise across more than 4500 disciplines and areas of work.

To mark this major milestone, the Academy interviewed STEM Women’s 3000th member, Fiza Mughal from the University of Technology Sydney. Fiza talked about her work on detecting depression in older people with smart wearables using machine learning and human physiology, and what inspires her about a career in STEM.

The Academy encourages all women working in STEM fields to join Fiza and more than 3000 others around the country by creating a profile at to share expertise, connect with like-minded professionals and explore new opportunities.

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Café conversation series encourages connection and information sharing

The new STEM Women Café conversation series encourages connection and information sharing within the network.

The first events in the series featured two hosted information sessions with Julia Lansdown from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to discuss the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science. Watch the recording of one of the sessions in preparation for the 2022 prizes (nominations for 2021 have now closed). 

The March meetups focused on the broad theme of collaboration, with a group STEM Women colleagues from around the country discussing the characteristics required for good collaboration, including how gender equity can be improved in collaborative activities.

The Café conversation series will continue in April, with a planned exploration of mentorship.

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