Video supports vaccinations in preparation for flu season

May 16, 2018

The Academy has produced a video reinforcing the importance of getting vaccinated each year just before the flu season hits. Nearly 800 people died from the flu in Australia last year, most of them aged over 65, mainly due to a new strain of the influenza virus that especially affects the elderly.

The video was promoted widely on social media during World Immunisation Week in April, and included in media articles including 10 News Corp websites, reaching an estimated audience of more than three million. To support the video, social media posts also pointed to the Academy’s definitive information on the science of immunisation, which answers six big questions:

  1. What is immunisation?
  2. What is in a vaccine?
  3. Who benefits from vaccines?
  4. Are vaccines safe?
  5. How are vaccines shown to be safe?
  6. What does the future hold for vaccination?

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