Australian Academy of Science Newsletter 111

Message from the Chief Executive

We are delighted to share with you news of the Academy’s recently elected incoming President, Professor John Shine.

‘Father of gene cloning’ to head Australian Academy of Science

Australian biochemist and molecular biologist Professor John Shine AC has been elected President of the Academy.

Academy welcomes global alliance of the natural and social sciences

The Academy has welcomed the merger of the world’s leading organisations representing the natural and social sciences.

Academy uses Facebook to combat fake news

No matter your background, age or education level, every person should be able to access and appreciate the wonders of science.

Academy Fellow wins Prime Minister’s Prize for Science

Professor Jenny Graves has been awarded the 2017 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science for her pioneering investigations of the genetics of sex.

Asia–Pacific collaborations to address shared challenges

Grants are supporting Australian researchers and businesses to collaborate with partners in our immediate region.

Macfarlane Burnet Medal awarded to ‘Smooth Muscle Man’

Neurobiologist Professor Geoffrey Burnstock has been recognised for his outstanding research in the biological sciences.

Australia–China symposium on synthetic biology

Leading Australian and Chinese experts on synthetic biology met recently in Brisbane to share the latest research.

Japan alumni hold first symposium

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Alumni Association in Australia (JSPSAAA) has held its first science symposium.

Opportunities for scientists

  • Awards managed by other organisations

International news

  • International forum makes progress on science and technology in society
  • Australian researcher with French colleagues detect the neutron star merger kilonova

Fellows update

  • Honours and awards
  • Obituary for Professor Arthur McComb

Events and outreach

  • Australia’s role in looking for life on Mars
  • Brains at the Dome
  • David Craig Medal Lectures
  • Selby Travelling Fellowship
  • Frew Fellowship Lectures

Early- and mid-career researcher update

  • Exploring the Antarctic Frontier
  • Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) grants program

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