Theo Murphy Initiative delivers opportunities for early- and mid-career researchers

November 28, 2018

Through the Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia), the Academy supports activities that will give the next generation of leaders in STEM the right tools to drive scientific discovery in Australia. For the first time, the program in 2018–19 is working with ideas from EMCRs to co-design activities that will provide big benefits to them. In the past month we have run the first three of these activities:

As part of the Cutaneous Biology 2018 Meeting at the University of Queensland Research Station in Stradbroke Island, the Theo Murphy Initiative supported an EMCR program designed to further the careers of the EMCRs attending the conference, and sponsored travel grants to facilitate the attendance of a diversity of EMCRs.

The Mentoring and Guidance in Careers (MAGIC) workshop at University House, Australian National University welcomed a group of female and gender diverse researchers in mathematics and physics and provided valuable insights, skills and learnings needed to build successful careers in those fields.

An industry–researcher engagement event was held as part of the International Conference for Young Researchers on Advanced Materials (ICYRAM) 2018 in Adelaide. The event brought together the future leaders in the field of advanced materials and industry representatives and allowed them to build meaningful connections to spark future innovations. The Theo Murphy Initiative also sponsored mobility grants to support the attendance of 17 EMCRS from across Australia at the conference.

There are more activities coming for EMCRs, including the Collaboration Across Boundaries 2018 Conference on 4 December in Canberra, and a Frontiers of Science conference on redefining healthy ageing on 8–9 April in Adelaide.

Attendees at the Mentoring and Guidance in Careers (MAGIC) workshop in Canberra

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