Australian Academy of Science Newsletter 110

Message from the Chief Executive

Our newsletter will now be published on a monthly basis and it is our hope you enjoy reading about the activities of the Academy.

Coordination framework essential to the success of an Australian space agency

A strategic coordination framework is necessary to bring the space industry together for an Australian space agency.

Primary school learning resources win Educational Publishing Award

The Academy's innovative approach to primary school science education is a winner.

Academy awards travelling fellowships to international researchers

Three prominent international scientists have been awarded travelling fellowships to foster the exchange of science.

Plant scientist first Australian to win top American award

Academy Fellow Professor Stephen Powles has won the American Chemical Society International Award for Research in agrochemicals.

Academy hosts Belmont Forum through Future Earth Australia

An international partnership has reinforced the importance of close collaboration across Australia’s research sector both domestically and internationally.

Maths teaching champions in ground-breaking program

More than 300 teachers across the country are meeting this month to begin a 12-month journey to become Champions of reSolve: Maths by Inquiry.

Opportunities for scientists

  • Australian researchers invited to apply for Japan fellowships
  • Awards managed by other organisations

International news

  • Sustainable Development Goals the focus of presentation to Asian academies
  • Measurement challenges explored in Australia–China workshop

Fellows update

  • Honours and awards
  • Obituaries for Dr Keith Norrish and Professor Neville Fletcher

Events and outreach

  • Journeying to the centres of the planets
  • Making better humans
  • Brains at the Dome

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