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Rapid research information forum

The Rapid Research Information Forum (RRIF) has been succeeded by Rapid Response Information (RRI) Reports. Rapid Response Information (RRI) Reports are prepared on behalf of the National Science and Technology Council to deliver timely responses on specific questions raised by the Australian Government. The reports provide a responsive mechanism for Ministers to access science and technology advice.

The latest Rapid Response Information reports can be found on the website of Australia’s Chief Scientist.

Reports that were published as part of the work of the Rapid Research Information Forum can still be accessed on this site.

These reports have been enabled through the contribution of RRIF participants and with support from the philanthropic organisation Minderoo Foundation and other Australian philanthropists.

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COVID-19: the Facts

To help people understand the changing situation and make decisions, the Australian Academy of Science is producing articles and videos based on the latest available knowledge. It is important that directives from the Department of Health and other jurisdictions such as state and territory governments are followed.

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COVID-19 Expert database

The COVID-19 Expert Database is a collaboration between Australia’s leading learned academies and is championed by Australia’s Chief Scientist. It provides a searchable database of experts to help governments, the business sector, the research sector and other decision-makers to easily access the expertise they need across many fields.

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Academy school education programs

The impact of COVID-19 on Australian schools and schooling is significant. The Academy is offering support, advice and resources to systems, schools and teachers currently delivering alternative methods of education. Our Australian Curriculum linked Foundation to Year 10 science and mathematics education programs are available online and remain free of charge.

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Science for Australians feature articles

The Science for Australians series of feature articles highlights how science benefits all Australians and how it can be used to inform policy that makes science thrive in Australia, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Early- and mid-career researchers

The Academy’s EMCR Forum is keeping the EMCR community connected during COVID-19. It is offering a series of online opportunities to address the needs of EMCRs in Australia and support their careers.

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