A tweet’s eye view of Science Pathways 2016


We’ll be providing a comprehensive recap of the conference soon, so we thought we’d give you some tweetable quotables from the live-tweet of #SciPath16

Networking at the Science Pathways 2016: future leaders conference

How many dinner conversations revolve around Australian science and its achievements?Keynote speaker Simon McKeon OA, Chancellor of Monash University, speaking about the need to build an appreciation for science in the popular culture.

It’s time for scientists to learn how to be leaders, just as they learn to be teachersBen Chuwen Keynote speaker Professor Emma Johnston, talking about the need for leadership training among scientists.

Leadership positions can be seen as distracting, dull or dirty. Why lead or administer when you can discover? Professor Johnston again, discussing common perceptions of science leadership.

Be conspicuous and take opportunities when they are presented to you Professor Tamara Davis, at the panel discussion on pathways to research leadership.

Get a mentor. They can open doors you never knew existed.Associate Professor Matthew Hill, on the panel discussion.

Bring your team on the journey with you. Leadership is about working together towards a common goal. Associate Professor Kevin Pfleger, on the panel discussion.

Leaders have to be willing to sacrifice personal gain for the benefit of team success Associate Professor Sarah Wheeler, on the panel discussion.

Many organisations are over-managed and under-led.Professor Susan Pond, talking about the differences between leadership and management.

When thrust into a leadership role, keep an eye on your deputy. If you don’t groom them it will be harder to move on later! Professor Douglas MacFarlane, on creating a group culture and coordinating large teams for impact.

The standard of science communication in the last five or six years has trebled Robyn Williams, talking about what the media looks for in a science leader.

Leaders must be visible. Thanks to email, you mightn’t see a leader for weeks or months on end. Williams again on science leadership.

Have an outrageous mission. More ambitious projects can have better prospects than modest ones. Rick Baker on creating and leading start-ups.

Your star idea is just a ticket to get onto the playing field. You then need to execute. Baker again on successful start-ups.

Advocacy is just another word for lobbyingThomas Barlow on science advocacy [Ed. The EMCR Forum advocates – I guess that means we lobby too!].

Deductive reasoning will not cut it when you’re trying to win a political argument. You can’t argue a constituency away. Barlow again on science advocacy.

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