Professor Justin Gooding

Professor Justin Gooding

John Justin Gooding

Elected in 2016

Short citation at year of election

Justin Gooding uses electrochemistry, synthetic chemistry, interfacial physical chemistry, electron transfer theory, protein biochemistry, and cytochemistry, in order to modify surfaces at the molecular level to enable them to specifically recognise biochemical molecules and to transduce that biochemical information to the end user directly within biological fluids. He combines this experience in fundamental bioelectronics with chemometrics to fabricate practical biosensors. His outstanding achievements include the molecular wiring of the enzyme glucose oxidase (a diabetes monitor), molecular wiring of the redox protein cyctochrome-c to silicon, a peptide electrode array to detect bioactive metals, ‘DNA electrodes’, and porous photonic silicon with immobilised peptides able to detect protease activity – aiming for an infection-sensing chip.

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