Making health food taste great - livestream

This talk will give an overview of food policies relating to developing a healthier food supply. It will also look at research case studies, demonstrating the newest technologies and approaches that are being conducted by scientists to design healthier food for ageing populations at different life stages. A particular focus will be on designing sensory attributes such as taste and texture to ensure that healthier food tastes great, as well as taking into account why consumers taste the same food differently because of their genes. It will also touch on the barriers facing consumers when it comes to making healthier food choices.

About the speaker

Dr Ingrid Appelqvist is a senior principal research scientist and Group Leader for Food Structure at CSIRO Food and Nutrition. The group’s research involves developing healthier foods that retain functionality and palatability and designing food breakdown in the body to control sensory perception and bioaccessibility (bioavailability) of nutrients.

Ingrid is also the R&D policy leader for food and nutrition within the unit. She is responsible for negotiating collaborative agreements with federal and state governments in strategic food research and for leading the secretariat and the implementation of the national food and nutrition R&D and technology transfer strategy.

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