The Science of Us: When Life Begins

The Science of Us series will investigate the science of our lives and our health, from the moment of conception through to death, focusing on some of the issues we face during our lives and what science is doing to resolve them.

This first talk will start at the very beginning—in the womb—and look at the science of reproduction.

What do mice, elephants and humans all have in common? We all start out as a single cell! Associate Professor Ruth Arkell, from the ANU’s John Curtin School of Medical Research, will discuss what lessons we are learning from the animal kingdom when it comes to reproduction, developmental biology and more.

Following this, Professor Sarah Robertson, Director of the Robinson Research Institute at the University of Adelaide, will explore how what happens in your life can change your DNA and be passed onto your offspring. She will answer questions such as: how does the immune system impact on the biological development of an embryo? How do we get things on the right track early? Join us as we explore the power and complexity of the start of human life.

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