National Committee for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

The National Committee for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (NCAFF) has four broad aims:

  • To foster the key scientific disciplines that underpin productive and sustainable agriculture, fisheries, and food industries in Australia
  • To link the Academy to scientists in these disciplines
  • To interact with relevant scientific societies
  • To serve as a link between Australian and overseas agricultural scientists, primarily through the International Union for Biological Sciences.

Food security has become a major international concern, so the sciences underpinning the future development of agriculture, fisheries and food are increasingly important. Australia has traditionally been strong in the relevant disciplines, with research undertaken in universities, CSIRO, state government departments and private sector organisations. However, there has been no attempt to provide and apply a blueprint for fostering the relevant sciences nationally, to ensure continued innovation in farming systems.

In June 2017, the NCAFF launched its Decadal plan for Australian Agricultural Sciences (2017–2026) . The committee will now focus on working with key stakeholders across the country to implement the report’s recommendations.


Reports and activities


  • Chair: Professor Peter Langridge FAA
    • The University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
    • Research expertise: Biological Science, agricultural and veterinary science
  • Committee member: Professor Chris Blanchard
    • Charles Sturt University, Director of the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Functional Grains (Functional Grains Centre)
    • Research expertise: Molecular biology, food science
  • Committee member: Dr Colin Brown
    • The University of Queensland, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
    • Research expertise: Agricultural policy, agricultural marketing in China, Australia, and Europe
  • Committee member: Professor Timothy Cavagnaro
    • The University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
    • Research expertise: Soil ecology, plant-based systems to mitigate and adapt to environmental change, soil carbon sequestration
  • Committee member: Professor Abigail Elizur
    • University of the Sunshine Coast, Professor in Aquaculture Biotechnology, Director Centre for Bio innovation
    • Research expertise: Aquaculture fisheries, fisheries science, testosterone, expression profiling
  • Committee member: Professor Michael Goddard
    • University of Melbourne, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences
    • Research expertise: Agriculture, dairy and animal science, life sciences and biomedicine, genetics and heredity
  • Committee member: Associate Professor Caroline Hauxwell
    • Queensland University of Technology, School of Biology and Environmental Science
    • Research expertise: Microorganisms in food production
  • Committee member: Professor Holger Meinke
    • University of Tasmania, Strategic Research Professor (Global Food Sustainability)
    • Research expertise: Agriculture and food systems, climate risk management, simulation modelling
  • Committee member: Professor Stephen Powles FAA
    • The University of Western Australia, Australian Herbicide Research Initiative, School of Agriculture and Environment
    • Research expertise: Evolution and molecular basis of herbicide resistance, agronomic research and management
  • Committee member: Dr. Surinder Singh FAA
    • CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Chief Research Scientist
    • Research expertise: Plant lipids, metabolic engineering, translational plant biotechnology, plant synthetic biology
  • EMCR Representative: Dr. Dominique Van der Saag
    • The University of Sydney, Sydney School of Veterinary Science
    • Research expertise: Animal handling
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