2016 Theo Murphy Think Tank - Living in a risky world

July 22, 2016

60 of Australia’s best and brightest researchers descended upon the Shine Dome last week for the Theo Murphy Think Tank - An interdisciplinary approach to living in a risky world.

Risk and uncertainty are a part of everyone’s life, and the desire to avoid risk and reduce uncertainty is found in all human societies. However, we aren’t great at estimating and responding to risk and uncertainty – so how can we be better at it?

Each of the delegates involved were part of addressing one of four issues, all linked to risk, facing the world at large:

  • International security
  • Risk and resource allocation for the environment
  • Antimicrobial resistance in a connected world
  • Uncertainty, ignorance and partial knowledge

Their research disciplines spanned communication, information technology, law, sustainability, philosophy, mathematics, geology, science history, the environment and more.

From this two day Think Tank, a report will be written and recommendations crafted in an effort to influence Australian policy and approaches to risk. The report, expected to be completed later this year, will be available publically via the Academy of Science’s website. Reports from previous Think Tanks have been timely, well received and instrumental in influencing policy development.

The 2016 Think Tank is generously supported by the Theo Murphy (Australia) Fund, which is administered by the UK Royal Society. Travel, accommodation and registration costs for selected applicants will be fully funded.

You can also find out more about what a Think Tank is and see previous events and outcomes.

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