Academy awards research funding for leading scientists

November 04, 2015

The Australian Academy of Science will fund new research to help the survival of some of Australia’s endangered species, help prevent hospital readmissions in central Australia, and apply cutting-edge ecology and evolutionary biology to model climate change adaptation.

The Academy today announced $190,000 worth of funding for scientists, including to support international travel and scientific conferences.  

The 2016 Selby Travelling Fellowship will bring Dr. Federico Rosei from Canada to Australia to discuss his research on advanced nanomaterials to improve energy saving and storage.

The Academy will also support three scientific conferences on the understanding the origins of the Galaxy, self-assembly in biological cells and emerging technology for desalination and energy generation.

Later this month, the Academy will announce its honorific awards to recognise the early-career, mid-career and lifetime achievements of Australian scientists working in a diverse range of fields.

Research awardees

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The Douglas and Lola Douglas Scholarship in Medical Science 2015

  • Dr Gabrielle Diplock, Alice Springs Hospital Readmission Prevention Project

The J G Russell Award 2015

  • Dr Andrea Giuliani, Macquarie University
  • Dr Sean Hodgman, The Australian National University
  • Dr Sasha Tetu, Macquarie University

The Margaret Middleton Fund for endangered Australian native vertebrate animals 2016:

  • Ms Donna Jean Belder, The Australian National University
  • Ms Bonnie-Thaïs Derne, Flinders University,
  • Ms Elise Furlan, University of Canberra
  • Ms Ella Kelly, The University of Melbourne

The Moran Award for history of science research 2016

  • Dr Francesco Gerali, The University of Western Australia

The Thomas Davies Research Fund (for marine, soil and plant biology) 2016

  • Dr Martin Francis Breed, University of Adelaide
  • Dr Shu Kee Lam, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Peter Macreadie, Deakin University
  • Dr Robert Sharwood, Australian National University

Travelling Fellowships and Lectures

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Graeme Caughley Travelling Fellowship 2016

  • Associate Professor Mike Letnic, University of New South Wales

Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship 2016

  • Professor Lawrence Berliner, University of Denver

Selby Fellowship 2016

  • Dr Federico Rosei, Institut Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique

Lloyd Rees Lecture 2016

  • Professor Keith Nugent, La Trobe University

Research Conferences

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Boden Research Conferences

  • 2016/17 - Emergence and function of complex shapes in self-assembly and biological cells’

Elizabeth and Frederick White Research Conferences

  • 2016/17 - Galactic Archaeology and Stellar Physics: Understanding the origins of the Galaxy and its stellar content

Fenner Conferences on the Environment

  • 2016/17 - International Forward Osmosis Summit (IFOS) 2016

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