Academy to conduct climate science capabilities review

May 25, 2016

The Australian Academy of Science is conducting a formal review of Australia's needs and capabilities in the area of climate science.

"Australia is the custodian of climate science in the Southern Hemisphere," Academy President Professor Holmes said in his annual address at Science at the Shine Dome 2016.

"The research that is conducted in this area is a jewel in the crown of Australia's knowledge base, and it must be sustained and nurtured."

The Academy is making its contribution to nurturing these areas by advising the community on the science-related aspects of climate research.

Headed by Professor Trevor McDougall, the review will assess Australia's current climate science expertise and infrastructure, determine which current climate science capabilities are critical to the national interest, and explore what should be maintained or developed into the future.

Members of the committee have expertise in meteorology, international research hubs, atmospheric research, climate adaptation and other areas of climate research.

The committee is seeking submissions from members of the climate science community. More information is available here

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