Academy videos rocketing through Facebook

December 12, 2017

Multiple Academy videos have gone viral internationally on Facebook since the launch of the Academy’s new daily commitment to answer everyday questions and introduce people to science.

Volcanoes, animals in the wild, space and human health are some of the winning video topics so far. Academy Fellows, members of National Committees and other leading Australian and international scientists are contributing to the project through interviews, providing ideas and footage, and reviewing videos and articles for scientific accuracy before publication.

Several videos have been picked up by major national media outlets and included in relevant news stories, spreading the Academy’s influence even wider.

The Academy is also publishing an article a day on a wide range of topics, including seasonal ones such as bushfires, swimming pools and sunscreen. The articles are also being widely shared, with the majority being read to the end—an unusual occurrence on Facebook.

The number of people ‘liking’ the Academy’s Facebook page has skyrocketed and is now well over 100,000, a 12-fold increase since the project launched in mid October. The videos, images and articles are also promoted on Twitter and Instagram.

The Academy is responding to the widespread need for a trusted, credible source that can be relied on for scientific information but also stimulates interest and encourages exploration of science.

Chinese-speakers are also able to access much of the content, translated by the Academy for social media platforms Weibo and Toutiao.

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