Academy welcomes mitochondrial donation law reform

March 31, 2022
Academy President Professor John Shine. Photo: Australian Academy of Science.

The Australian Academy of Science welcomes the passing of Maeve’s Law by the Australian Parliament.

Academy President Professor John Shine said the legislation allows important research to proceed and is expected to enable impacted families to increase their likelihood of having a child unaffected by mitochondrial DNA disease.

“It does so while providing an appropriate regulatory environment with necessary safeguards,” Professor Shine said.

“There are two important considerations relevant to the implementation of mitochondrial donation.

“Firstly, the administrative and operational arrangements should allow for equity of access for all Australians whose children run the risk of inheriting mitochondrial disease.

“Secondly, the assisted reproductive technology service providers should ensure there is sufficient mitochondrial donation expertise available to ensure the highest quality advice and counselling is available to families seeking access to the technology.”

Read the Academy’s submission to the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee Inquiry into the Mitochondrial Donation Law Reform (Maeve’s Law) Bill 2021.

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