Australian scientists share why science matters

May 11, 2022

Science continues to transform our lives and answer some of the world’s greatest mysteries. But why does it matter and what does it actually mean to value science? 

Science not only satisfies our curiosity, it informs and provides evidence for the decisions we make every day. From questions like whether to take an umbrella when we leave our home to complex decisions about the future of our planet.  

The Australian Academy of Science embraces and supports the need for all Australians to be guided by and enjoy the benefits of science.  

It's not just something that affects us – the innovative and collaborative work of Australian scientists allows us to play an important role in global scientific research and related industries. 

We asked six leading scientists #WhyScienceMatters

Professor Eddie Holmes FAA FRS – University of Sydney

“One thing we’ve learned from COVID-19 is how important science is, in general.”


Professor Tanya Monro FAA FTSE – Chief Defence Scientist

“Science is about creating impact through knowledge.”


Dr Andy Thomas AO – Australia’s first astronaut

“Having respect for evidence-based thinking would go a long way toward making our political dialogue a lot healthier.”


Professor Xiaojing Hao – UNSW Sydney

“We all want our children to grow up in a world where the climate is stable, and the energy is produced without pollution.”


Associate Professor Misty Jenkins – Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

“It’s imperative that our leadership of this country is scientifically literate.”


Professor Richard Bryant AC FAA – UNSW Sydney

“If we don’t get the science right, there are serious, serious costs.”

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